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Dives 2021

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  • 9th August

Due to weather, the planned dive on Skindeep was cancelled, so we decided to dive at Vobster instead.

Dives as follows:
Dive 1: Route through the tunnel, crushing works, helicopter, pleasure cruiser wreck, 26m pit, bridge, and block house.
Dive 2: New equipment checkout dive… Weight check and trying out new regulator.
Dive 3: Explored Armoured carrier 11 degrees, explored the wreck once more 10 degrees, finished dive by exploring ridge sides around the swimming pool, temp 12 – 18 degrees.

  • 5th July

6 members booked on dives out of Portland on wrecks of Dunstan followed by a shallower dive.

  • 21st – 23rd June

3 days diving were planned for dives out of Portland on the wrecks of the Aeolian Sky, UB74 and M2.

Unfortunately, the first 2 days were cancelled due to weather conditions. However, good dives were had on the wreck of the M2 submarine and a drift from the wreck of the James Fennel, even though the visibility was not great.

  • 21st May

With the water at Vobster warming up since the end of March, 6 members did some depth progression dives in Vobster, in preparation for sea dives in the summer.

  • 3rd May

The planned dive out of Portland on the wreck of the Aeolian Sky was unfortunately cancelled due to weather conditions. Frustrating as the sea was flat calm the previous day!

  • 11th April

6 members dived in Andark Lake to check out their kit prior to undertaking deeper dives.

  • 29th March

With the easing of lockdown, a couple of members took the opportunity to dive in Vobster on the first day of eased lockdown to get get dive-ready for some summer dives.

Despite being cold, 2 good dives to 23m & 20m.

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